A gorgeous, designed and unique knitted clutch bag made by hand from fabric.

Green Khaki | Cotton
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A gorgeous, designed and unique clutch bag hand-knitted from fabric in a fashionable pink color.
The touch of the bag is soft and pleasant, the fabric knitting is unique and creates an exciting texture.

A clutch of this size, ideal for going out in style and comfort, day or night, with several personal items such as: wallet, cell phone, keys, makeup, etc.
The bag has a carrying handle for the wrist and a decorative tassel.

The bag can be carried in the hand, on the shoulder, or diagonally (cross-body), using a gold chain.
You can also get the bag with a gold letter hanging on a small gold chain.

The bag is knitted in high-quality cotton fabric, with a high level of finish and is made in Israel with meticulous handwork to ensure high quality and long-lasting durability.
All the metal elements in the bag are high quality gold plated.

This model can be a perfect gift for any occasion or of course - for yourself.

The raw material used to knit the bag:

I make the threads for knitting my bags myself -
I buy fabrics of different types (trico, lurex, lycra, knits and more), slice them into ribbons and knit with them.

Each fabric has its own thickness and texture, therefore, each of them has a different effect on the result.
You can use any of the fabrics in the different models, however, there are fabrics that are more suitable for a certain model and it is advisable to consult with me before choosing the color (and the type of fabric).

The dimensions of the bag are affected by the type of fabric, so there may be small deviations in the dimensions.

Personal customization

The bag can be purchased with some optional modifications:

-In a different color 

- check with me what colors are in stock without strand 

-For a different size - for this, contact me by email slavsaul@gmail.com. The price will vary depending on the size. 

-Add a metal chain for shoulder/cross body carrying (11 USD extra). 

-Add a hanging letter (10 USD extra) -Gold or nickel? Choosing the color of the metal elements present in the bag: logo plate/connecting rings/chain/letter. 

Please indicate your choice in the comments when ordering.


Green Khaki | Cotton

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