Embracing Natural Health with Michal Belhans and Spirulina Full Life

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In the tranquil town of Tevon resides Michal Belhans, a mother of seven and the passionate owner of Spirulina Full Life. This leading Israeli company imports, manufactures, and markets superfood products, nutritional supplements, and natural cosmetics. Under Michal’s visionary guidance, Spirulina Full Life has become synonymous with holistic health solutions and natural living.

A Vision Rooted in Natural Health

Michal Belhans’s journey is deeply intertwined with her vision: to empower as many people as possible to embrace natural health through the use of natural products. At Spirulina Full Life, this vision is brought to life every day. The company offers a comprehensive range of holistic solutions designed for health enthusiasts as well as individuals dealing with various internal and external health challenges. By integrating healthy nutrition products with natural, toxin-free care and treatments, Spirulina Full Life provides the optimal combination for achieving the best and fastest health results.

Commitment to Innovation and Excellence

Innovation and development are at the core of Spirulina Full Life’s operations. Michal and her dedicated team strive continuously to bring their customers unique, effective, and active formulas. The company boasts of an impressive catalog of over 500 products and serves tens of thousands of satisfied customers. Each customer story, filled with tales of dramatic transformations and improved well-being, fuels Michal’s unwavering commitment to creating, producing, and innovating in the realm of natural health products.

From India to Israel

The origins of Spirulina Full Life trace back to a simple yet profound experience in India. It all began with a bowl of green morning porridge, sparking an idea that would eventually blossom into a thriving enterprise.

Experience the benefits of natural health and discover the life-changing potential of Spirulina Full Life’s products.


Maya, the founder of Dog&Go, has always had a deep love for dogs. About ten years ago, Maya and her family adopted a Jack Russell Terrier puppy, whom they named Yulia.

A few weeks after adopting Yulia, bruises started to appear on her face. The veterinarian diagnosed her with an autoimmune disease, a condition where the immune system attacks the body, causing bruises and interfering with normal activities. Since autoimmune diseases are incurable, Yulia will suffer from this condition for her entire life. Despite this, Yulia has proven to be a true hero, teaching Maya and her family the importance of seizing and enjoying every moment.

Yulia loves going for walks, which make her happy and help her forget the constant itching and redness caused by the bruises. One day, Maya had a brilliant idea: to take Yulia on a long trip, just the two of them.

While planning this adventure, Maya searched for a travel kit that would meet Yulia's needs but couldn't find anything suitable. This led to the creation of Dog&Go—a traveling bag designed to organize all the necessary items for an easy and comfortable trip with your furry friend.

Dog&Go is a modular bag with unique compartments for each product. It's comfortable, compact, and most importantly, it makes traveling with your best friend easy and enjoyable.

Get your own Dog&Go bag today, adventure awaits!


Shemen Leminha’s Natural Ingredients: Embracing Nature for Healthier Skin

Did you know that Queen Cleopatra is said to have bathed in nourishing milk to enhance her beauty? This ancient practice aimed to improve the look and texture of her skin. Today, the use of milk in beauty products continues to be popular due to its beneficial properties.

Over three decades ago, Professor Yagil conducted groundbreaking research on camel milk and its potential to treat various skin conditions, including psoriasis. Building on extensive clinical studies, he developed a line of cosmetics designed for the face, body, and hair, enhancing the beauty and health of users.

Established in 2004, Shemen Leminha-Beauty Treat is an Israeli company specializing in the development and production of skincare and treatment products. The company offers several product lines, each based on different essential components tailored to address specific skin conditions.

Diverse and Effective Ingredients

Shemen Leminha incorporates a variety of natural ingredients in its products:

  • Medicamel: This line utilizes the unique properties of camel milk, proven to benefit the skin from head to toe.
  • Moroccan Argan Oil (Argoil): Known for its nourishing effects on skin and hair, Moroccan Argan oil is a staple in many of Shemen Leminha’s products.
  • Banias Water: Sourced from the pure melted snow waters of Mount Hermon, this ingredient is prized for its purity and revitalizing properties.
  • Energy - Dead Sea Series: This range treats conditions like psoriasis and eczema, and also offers anti-aging benefits such as reducing wrinkles, combating skin pigmentation, and firming the skin.
  • Eucalipta: A unique line based on citron and eucalyptus oil, designed to treat various body and foot skin conditions.
  • Hair Care Line: Focused on addressing sparse hair, dandruff, sunburned and dry hair, split ends, and heavy hair loss.
  • Petradise: A line of pet care products formulated with Dead Sea minerals to maintain shiny and healthy coats.

Commitment to Quality

Owned by Nechama Etzion, Shemen Leminha is dedicated to providing effective, high-quality products with active natural ingredients. The company’s factory, located on Keren Hayesod Street near Haifa in Tirat HaCarmel, holds a Health License, Medical Device License, and GMP license from the Israeli Ministry.

Innovative and Natural Solutions

What sets Shemen Leminha apart is the integration of scientific techniques with alternative medicine and chemistry. All products are developed in an in-house laboratory, ensuring they are natural and based on healing herbs, aromatic oils, homeopathic components, vitamins A, E, and C, seaweeds, and special materials from the Dead Sea.

Personalized Treatment

Each product is designed to address a specific type of skin problem, and the company offers customized solutions for different skin types and conditions. Their product lines target issues such as acne stains, scars, oily skin, cuts, cellulite, foot problems, psoriasis, and more, providing individualized care for optimal results.

Discover the natural, effective skincare solutions from Shemen Leminha, where ancient wisdom meets modern science to bring out the best in your skin.


In the heart of Tel Aviv lies a home-based company that captures the essence of Israeli culture and symbolism through fashion – Hamsa Hamsa. Let's discover their unique collection that combines tradition with contemporary style.

1. Tank Top GoldenEye:

Guard yourself against the evil eye with Hamsa Hamsa's tank top adorned with a golden eye motif. Crafted from rayon elastane jersey, this classic Mediterranean-inspired piece brings blessings of good fortune. The gold foil print adds a touch of elegance to this protective garment.

2. Tie-Dye Jersey with Hamsa Motif:

Embrace luxury and charm with the tie-dye jersey featuring a silver foil cut-out Hamsa motif. Designed with kimono sleeves and a loose fit, this top exudes style while offering comfort. Made from rayon elastane jersey, it's irresistibly soft to the touch.

3. Love Emblem Shirt:

Celebrate love as a precious treasure with Hamsa Hamsa's shirt adorned with a silver emblem print that spells "Love" in Hebrew. The kimono sleeves add a touch of uniqueness to this stylish piece, perfect for spreading love wherever you go.

4. Luck and Protection Designs:

Explore a range of designs symbolizing luck and protection from the evil eye, including Hebrew inscriptions and luxurious mandala motifs in gold foil. Each piece carries the essence of blessings and fortune, adding a touch of meaning to your wardrobe.

5. Love and AHAVA Pillow Cover:

Transform your home with Hamsa Hamsa's exquisite pillow cover crafted from the finest cotton. Adorned with a gold foil print of love and "AHAVA" (Hebrew for love), this piece is believed to bring love and luck to any space.

Hamsa Hamsa's collection seamlessly blends tradition with modern aesthetics, offering fashion that not only looks good but also carries profound symbolism. Whether you're looking for protection, love, or luck, their pieces are sure to add a touch of Israeli charm to your wardrobe and home.


Check out the story behind ToLive, a family-driven project aiming to make nutrition accessible to everyone. With a background in sports and wellness, each member of the family shares a passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle. This led them to offer nutritious products that support overall well-being.

We all know how important nutrition is for our health, energy levels, and even our mood. Recent studies highlight its crucial role in both physical and mental well-being. ToLive is committed to helping individuals perform at their best by providing them with the nutrients they need.

In collaboration with experts in sports nutrition and naturopathy, ToLive has developed functional smoothie blends. These blends are packed with vitamins, minerals, superfoods, prebiotics, antioxidants, and adaptogens—all in one convenient daily serving.

ToLive's ultimate goal is to make healthy nutrition easy and accessible for everyone


Welcome to CJ Diamond Jewelry, where handmade pieces are crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring each creation is as unique as the wearer.

The team prides themselves on excellence and personalized service. From engagement rings to Judaica pendants, they're here to bring your vision to life.

With roots dating back to 1987 in Israel, CJ Diamond Jewelry’s family-owned factory ensures the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship in every piece.

Explore their diverse collection, featuring solitaire rings, semi-precious stones, Judaica pendants, earrings, and pendants, all meticulously crafted with diamonds.

Customization is the team’s specialty. Let these wonderful artisans turn your dreams into reality with their custom design services.

Thank you for choosing CJ Diamond Jewelry. Let them be a part of your special moments by helping you find the perfect treasure to cherish for a lifetime.


As one of the pioneers in this industry, Blue Clay has set the gold standard for skin-healthy and environmentally sustainable products.

From sourcing the finest ingredients to adhering to the strictest guidelines and rules, Blue Clay ensures that each product that leaves their facility in Israel is a testament to their dedication to quality and security.

Their compositions are enhanced with cold-pressed plant oils, herbal extracts, essential oils, vitamins, and antioxidants to enhance their effectiveness. This reflects their commitment to purity and transparency.

Their products are SLS, paraben and dye free. They don’t contain artificial perfumes.

Their innovative and potent treatments offer therapeutic relief from a range of skin disorders, including psoriasis, acne, aging, atopic dermatitis, inflammation, and herpes.

At Blue Clay, they believe that skin care may benefit from using nature's power.

For people who respect their health and the environment, their natural cosmetics are a way of life rather than merely cosmetic products.

Did you know that the locust is a remarkable source of protein? It is the only insect that is deemed kosher by the Bible. Its long history and religious significance have led to its inclusion in ancient texts and religious scriptures, including the Bible. Locusts are rich in essential amino acids, iron, zinc, and B vitamins, which are crucial for bodily functions like energy metabolism and immune system support.

Locusts offer a sustainable protein source that requires minimal resources to rear and reproduce rapidly, making them a sustainable option for feeding a growing global population. Harvesting locusts does not involve ethical concerns associated with conventional animal farming, as they lack sentience and consciousness. Innovative companies like "Biblical Protein" have emerged, offering a range of products derived from locusts, such as protein bars, snacks, and jellies made from ground locusts.

Embracing alternative protein sources like locusts may become increasingly important as the world deals with food insecurity and environmental challenges. By harnessing the nutritional potential of locusts and other insects, we can create a path towards a more sustainable and resilient food system. The locust is a reminder of the ingenuity of both God and nature, providing a remarkable source of protein that crosses cultural and religious boundaries. As we confront the complexities of modern agriculture and strive for a more sustainable future, it may be time to reconsider the humble locust as a key player in our quest for nourishment and sustainability.


In a fast-paced world where health often takes a backseat, Morsup is committed to spreading the healing potential of nature. They aim to bring the therapeutic benefits of medicinal plants for all.

At Morsup, they honor the timeless wisdom of ancient healing traditions. Their name came from the revered Mor tree (myrrh). The tree has a rich history of antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antiparasitic properties.

Morsup’s journey extends beyond tradition. Inspired by the pursuit of discovery, Morsup continues to search for botanical wonders. Every herb and extract undergo rigorous research to ensure efficacy and safety. They believe in harnessing nature's bounty to rejuvenate and nurture, free from artificial additives and harmful substances.

At Morsup, they pride themselves on using natural methods and meticulous processes. They avoid artificial additives in favor of wholesome supplements. Led by Simcha Ovadia, an expert in naturopathy, their team upholds the highest standards of integrity and effectiveness.

If you are seeking vitality, relief, or simply a healthier lifestyle, Morsup invites you to join them on the path to natural wellness. Start on your journey to vibrant health. With Morsup, achieving therapeutic healing has never been more accessible or empowering.


Welcome to Meliora, where the journey to finding your perfect piece of jewelry is more than just a quest—it's an exploration of your true self. They understand the significance of each necklace, bracelet, and earring, which is why they're dedicated to offering a collection that speaks to your individuality.

Their jewelry is crafted from authentic silver 925, ensuring both durability and timeless elegance. Whether you're looking for a meaningful gift or a piece to elevate your everyday look, their collection has something for everyone.

They believe that jewelry is a form of self-expression. That's why each design at Meliora is infused with creativity, allowing you to showcase your style and personality effortlessly.

At the heart of our mission is customer satisfaction. Their dedicated team is here to provide you with an exceptional shopping experience, from answering your questions to offering post-purchase support.

They believe luxury should be accessible to all, which is why they offer high-quality pieces at fair prices. Plus, by choosing Meliora, you're supporting local artisans in Israel.

They understand the excitement of receiving your new treasure, which is why they offer fast and convenient delivery options.

At Meliora, they're committed to offering a better experience, from their superior jewelry to their excellent service. Join them on a journey through their enchanting store and discover the magic of self-expression today.


Are you prepared to tap into your body's innate ability to heal? Mood Wellness is a company that believes in utilizing nature's age-old wisdom and fusing it with modern technology to create effective solutions for everyday wellness.

Feel your best every day! Achieve complete well-being, with not just focus on the physical aspects, but also your mind and spirit. They offer a range of natural, CBD-infused supplements designed to support you in every aspect of your life.

Do you want to have a sharper mind, better sleep, or a calmer approach to everyday stress? You’re covered with Mood Wellness! Their products are formulated with the finest ingredients – think pure CBD, CBG, CBN, and even medicinal mushrooms. These products are backed by science and tested thoroughly before putting them out on the market. They're designed to truly make a difference.

What truly sets Mood Wellness apart? They take quality seriously.

  • Naturally powerful: Use of only organically-grown, non-GMO hemp.
  • Rigorous Testing: Every product undergoes independent lab testing for guaranteed quality and safety.
  • Made in the USA: Products are meticulously crafted in cGMP-certified facilities.
  • Fit for all: The products are Kosher and Vegan certified.
  • Full-spectrum approach: The full potential of the hemp plant for maximum effectiveness is used.
  • Innovation at its finest: Cutting-edge ingredients like medicinal mushrooms and targeted cannabinoids are incorporated into products to achieve optimal results.
  • Purity matters: Use of 100% mushroom fruiting bodies, with no fillers or fluff.

Mood Wellness: Where quality, effectiveness, and safety come together. Experience the difference nature can make!