Ruth, the founder of MySocks, once held a coveted high-tech job adhering to a strict dress code dictated by her role's cultural norms. A routine meeting changed her course when her team leader sought a volunteer to train a new team in Tokyo. Ruth seized the chance, embarking on a transformative journey.

After intense workdays and training, Ruth found herself with two free days in Japan. Seeking local flair, she turned to Akami, her contact person, who suggested the Amioko market. Upon arrival, Ruth was captivated by the vibrant stalls in narrow alleys, sparking a sense of adventure.

At a colorful stand boasting an array of socks, Ruth's path took a new turn. Mesmerized, she spent hours conversing with the stall owner using Google Translate, leaving with 20 pairs of eccentric socks and a lingering headache. Overwhelmed yet elated, Ruth couldn't deny the path she had discovered.

Today, having left her high-tech career, Ruth passionately caters to customers through MySocks, offering the world's quirkiest and most stylish sock selections.


Meet Slav Saul, an artist whose life was forever changed by the enchanting world of crochet. From a successful career in commerce to becoming the creative force behind the renowned crochet brand Slav&So, her journey is nothing short of inspiring. The Crochet art infiltrated her life at a challenging period and captivated her. She was “hooked” at her craft since then.

Slav&So is one of the most prominent Israeli crochet brands in Israel. Slav Saul develops, produces and sells a large variety of crochet products made by order. She is well known thanks to her line of crochet bags.

The look of Slav&So bags are unique. Unlike traditional crochet that predominantly employs yarn, Slav Saul's bags come to life through the marriage of fabric and craftsmanship.

Slav Saul produces materials right from scratch - She buys fabric rolls of different types, slices them into ribbons and crochets a variety of models with it.

She works with different types of fabrics - cotton, lycra, lurex, viscose, etc. - each fabric has a different effect on the texture and therefore each fabric creates a different and unique look for the bag. Slav&So bags are 100% made by hand in Slav’s studio.Every Slav&So bag is an embodiment of dedication and artistry. Crafted entirely by hand in Slav's personal studio, these bags are a labor of love. Each stitch, each weave, is executed with meticulous attention to detail. The outcome is not merely a product; it is a work of art infused with the passion and care of its creator.

Fairies are known to be mythical winged creatures that have supernatural powers. The word “fairy” has Latin roots meaning “fate”. Folklores define fairies as characters that have the powers to either do good or evil. They are known to be mischievous and fun-loving. In Greek mythology, fairies were also known as Nymphs and are regarded as protectors of Mother Earth.

There are so many theories surrounding fairies. In 13th century England, fairies were known to be “little people” with no wings. There’s even a Christian theory that fairies are “fallen angels” who roam the earth. Fairies are usually known to be slender and beautiful. However, different types of fairies were introduced including leprechauns, goblins, elves, enchanters, fay, genies, gnomes, goblins, hobs, mermaids, nymphs, pixies, and many more earth-bound mythical creatures.

Today, fairies are a part of fairytales and fiction stories told over and over. People regard fairies as a part of a culture worth re-telling. People barely believe in any mythology based on fairies and other supernatural creatures. Nevertheless, people continue to be fascinated by these winged creatures.

Products such as dolls, and figurines that are fairies continue to interest collectors and fans. One artist who produces fairy-like figures is Ilanit Bronstein of Telepele World of Fairies. She is from Israel and lives in the communal village of Zuqim. She is a big believer in magic and miracles and fell in love with the mystical world of fairies. She shares her line of handmade unique and beautiful mobile fairies for room decorations.


Hygear was created in 2016 by childhood friends Guy Bar, Dan Strik, and Elad Elkalai. They established Hygear to design, develop and market smart workout gear devices. It is integrated with AI software platforms into a personalized data ecosystem. Hygear is an AI-driven smart app that works with its new line of portable exercise equipment. By using the Hygear app, you can use their line of exercise equipment to the fullest as it helps you customize your workouts according to your fitness level.

Hygear is changing the way people do fitness. More than 50 trainers and experts were led by Dr. Paul Juris to build the algorithm that allows your very own AI coach to calculate how much work you are doing. It helps you set appropriate targets, and aids you in reaching them.

From product design to development to marketing, Hygear creates solutions to address the way people exercise, emphasizing the idea that no two people are the same. Therefore, your workout needs to be personalized and needs to adapt to your unique needs to help you achieve the best results. Your goals should be measurable—you can’t improve what you can’t quantify. Hygear allows its users to improve their overall workout experience by tracking a wide variety of data points in real-time and offering A.I. coaching based on each person’s results.

Hygear serves as your gym and your personal trainer. It does smart tracking, counting every move. The app syncs directly with your equipment. It tracks your repetitions, speed, power, resistance, and calorie burn, all in real-time! It creates the appropriate workout for you, sets your targets, and offers powerful motivation based on your real-time performance to help you reach your goals!

Hygear keeps a score of your actual workout performance and awards points based on the quality of your reps, pace, power, calories burned, and more for every session you complete.

How does Hygear work?

Hyger allows you to discover your fitness level. It gives you a fitness assessment that ranks your strength in three key areas- upper body, lower body, and core. Based on your fitness level, your AI Coach adjusts each workout based on your fitness ranking, personal goals, and exercise performance. With each training, you become better as your Hygear AI coach sets new targets that challenge you to stay on track to achieve your goals. You are given constant challenges to help keep you motivated and to push you to reach key fitness milestones. Hygear tracks your workout data analyzes it, and helps you celebrate your wins!

One of Hygear’s products is a Gear 1 Portable Smart Fitness System with App-enabled Adjustable Resistance. It is a versatile and portable smart fitness system, a complete workout solution for your very busy lifestyle.

Another product is the Hygear Hyrope Smart Jump Rope, the first smart jump rope that is compact, light, and versatile.

Hygear also has Gear Go Smart, Portable Resistance System. It is lightweight, portable, and easy to anchor to any door.

Hygear is trusted by more than 2,000 members. It is created in Israel.


We have designed our website to provide a positive experience for our visitors by making it easy for you to navigate to the information you need! Our website is user-friendly and optimized for various devices.

We’ve grouped our products into logical categories for your ease of use: You can use the online catalog to shop for clothes, cosmetics, electronics, home products, foods and spices. We have sorted products by price, nature or other criteria.

With IsraeliMall, you can have an efficient and convenient shopping experience! Our main objective is to emphasize the ease of navigation and accessibility from a range of devices.

We make sure that it’s easy to make choices based on your every need at the moment. Everything is laid out easily and the products are easily seen. The photos and descriptions are on point and you can also reach out to a 24 hour customer service if you have any more questions!

IsraeliMall positions itself as a user-friend and shopping destination. At IsraeliMall our goal is to provide a seamless and hassle-free online shopping experience for you!


IsraeliMall is a gateway for entrepreneurs to reach the North American market. We made the process easy for our target market to purchase high-quality Israeli goods through credit cards at currency exchange issues! It’s like buying unique products from another part of the country with no extra hassles!

With IsraeliMall, our North American market will feel the ease and convenience of going through our payment channels through our user-friendly website. IsraeliMall is a platform that allows entrepreneurs to access the North American market by simplifying the purchasing process for high-quality Israeli goods.

Using credit cards and dealing with currency exchange challenges can be complicated for first time buyers. However, IsraeliMall has streamlined the process to make it easy for its customers. Through IsraeliMall, businesses can concentrate on continuously producing high quality products while leaving the distribution and payment process to the platform.


IsraeliMall supports Israeli entrepreneurs with the opportunity to reach the North American market. By partnering with Israeli businesses, IsraeliMall provides a way for these entrepreneurs to expand their reach beyond their home country.

Through IsraeliMall, consumers in North America can easily access unique Israeli products and support the Israeli economy. We believe that buying Israel is a great way to support Israel. By bringing unique Israeli products to North America, IsraeliMall offers consumers the opportunity to access high-quality goods that may be otherwise hard to find.

IsraeliMall’s mission is to create a strong connection between Israeli entrepreneurs and North American consumers, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship. By supporting Israeli businesses through IsraeliMall, customers will be happy to note that they can help a thriving economy. IsraeliMall unites people from different parts of the world and allows them to come together and support a common and worthy cause. Create an IsraeliMall account and help Israel!


When an infected person sneezes or coughs, respiratory droplets are released into the air! And the virus can spread to other people when droplets land on the nose or mouth of a person nearby!

Protect yourself by using Taffix daily! It’s an alternative form of protection that gives you up to 5 hours of virus protection with each use and may be used up to 3 times a day!

It is a scientifically proven nasal spray designed to create a hostile microenvironment in the nose that makes viruses inactive! Taffix’s protective layer creates a double, mechanical and chemical effect that blocks the entry of up to 97% of viruses and thus reduces the risk of infection!

With Taffix you can stay protected and virus-free! You're good to go!


IsraeliMall is a company that carries unique local Israeli brands. We believe in providing Israeli brands with the opportunity to sell their goods and services in the US and Canada. Buying Israeli products is a great way to support Israel!
A Wide Range of Products with High Quality
IsraeliMall offers affordable products with a regularly updated inventory. Our online catalog contains a variety of products for everyone!
For ease of use, our catalog is divided into the following categories: Arts and Crafts, Bags, Clothes, Consulting, Cosmetics, Fitness, Games, Jewelry, Judaica, Medical, Nutrition, Packaging, Textiles, Services, and Toys. You can search by price, vendor, or product keyword too!
Cost-effective Shopping
IsraeliMall works directly with suppliers and manufacturers and can offer big discounts!
Hassle-free Delivery and Payment Options
We maintain warehouses in North America and can deliver products promptly. You can pay via credit or debit card.


Mothers usually want to keep their children away from harsh product ingredients. This is what happened to Loni Tevel Barnes founder of Loni Natural Cosmetics Brand after she gave birth to her son. She bought standard baby oil and looked forward to bonding with her baby through baby massages. This was something that she looked forward to ever since she dreamt of being a mother. However, upon looking at the commercial baby oil’s product ingredient list, she realized how many unfamiliar synthetics and potentially harmful components with intimidating names the baby oil contained. She then decided to do her own research on natural oils while keeping her massage bonding ritual on hold temporarily. Loni decided to become a certified natural pharmacist and went on to establish her own natural skincare brand.

Plant-based Vitamins and Minerals

Loni’s Natural Cosmetics Brand formulates skin-loving products based on cold-pressed natural oils, plant-based vitamins, and minerals as well as safe active ingredients, all aimed at restoring skin health and ultimately making women and men feel confident in their own skin.

As a former confectioner and jewelry designer, Loni’s passion for aesthetics also extends to her products. She especially designed the packaging to be complete with a unique urban-natural look and feel. This brand and lifestyle direction is driven by Loni’s belief that anyone can enjoy her products, whether you are a hippie, a 100% naturalist, a countryside inhabitant, or an urban dweller. You can enjoy nature’s goodness however and whenever you want!

Loni calls it “nature-on-demand!”

Loni’s Natural Cosmetics Brand offers natural cosmetics for women, from creams for the face, hands, and body to lipsticks, serums, and natural deodorant. All products are made with high quality and based on natural and completely vegan ingredients.

Every woman can purchase them for herself or as a gift for her friends or employees.

Core Values

Loni’s core values are respect for people and their skin, belief in the freedom to choose, aesthetic-led, driven by quality support and self-empowerment.

The brand is for all women who acknowledge and value the beneficial powers of nature on their body’s spirit and skin.