Storky Journey Home

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Storky loses her way during her first migration, and finds herself in a wonderland, confused by the different people she meets, all of whom seem to share one story about the longest journey of all time.

This is the Jewish people's story, through the bird's eyes.

"Storky’s story is not only a delight to read, the book itself is a delight to hold and look through…In Storky’s Journey Home, Spiegelman succeeds in interweaving into Storky’s adventures the deeper and even more emotional story of the Jewish people…" (NEVILLE TELLER, The Jerusalem Post)

"The Office of the President hereby acknowledges receipt of your manuscript Storky's Journey Home, which was forwarded to President Herzog's attention...I wish you every success as you pursue your work and share your creativity and important educational message with the world." (Diklah Cohen Sheinfeld, President of Israel's chief of staff)

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