Reversy Cream

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Reversy - Cell Wall Strengthening Cream Vegan Product

30 ml

Reversy is an innovative anti-aging cream designed to fortify the skin’s immune system. It is enriched with fatty acids, soothing agents, potent antioxidants, vitamins, plant oils, and herbal extracts.

This cream is formulated to rapidly restore the skin, combat damage caused by aging, sun exposure, and peeling, lighten the skin, address wrinkles and fine lines, nourish, fight infection, moisturize, accelerate renewal, and reduce scarring. It also increases fatty acid production in the skin, soothes, and decreases redness.

Reversy is suitable for all skin types and can be used as a tissue restoration cream, an anti-aging cream by itself or in conjunction with an active cream, after prolonged sun exposure, after peeling treatment, or mesotherapy in the evening hours.

In addition to its regular use, this cream can also be utilized in clinical treatments as a massage cream, a mask base, and more. Experience the restorative power of our Reversy Cell Wall Strengthening Cream.

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