SO GLOW body makeup

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Miki Boganim presents the perfect addition to the iconic SO GLOW series - body makeup with a liquid texture for perfect coverage.

The body make-up is intended for anyone who wants to blur marks and blemishes on the skin, to achieve a uniform and impressive tan that blends in naturally.

The unique formula contains a complex of moistures that nourish the skin. Provides a feeling of softness, protects and preserves the skin. Enriched with oils such as jojoba and aloe and is non-comedogenic. The make-up ensures long-lasting durability and can be removed by washing under water.

Recommended for application with Mickey's make-up brush.

Comes with an intoxicating scent of coconut and vanilla. without parabens. Not tried on B.A.H

Content: 50  ml  160 NIS for 100 ml

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