Books Giant - Every Child Has a Story

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Introducing "Books Giant - Every Child Has a Story," a remarkable platform that empowers children to unleash their creativity and become authors of their own digital books. Designed to encourage self-expression through writing, this platform offers a vast library of rich illustrations featuring hundreds of characters and backgrounds, Drawing tool and a text editor, enabling children to create captivating stories.

 Stories can be recorded, shared, and even printed in excellent quality, allowing children to showcase their creations with pride. 

The platform includes artificial intelligence that will help the child start and finish stories.

Approved by the Ministry of Education in Israel and is in use in hundreds of schools as a language learning platform - Hebrew and English.

The platform was developed in the heart of the Arava desert, specifically in the settlement of Shahrot, this platform stands as a testament to the ingenuity and determination of its creator, Yigal Livdinsky—an accomplished senior developer and a creative visionary.

Yigal's personal journey inspired the development of "Books Giant." Having experienced the frustration of lacking an outlet for self-expression during his own school days, he embarked on a mission to provide a solution for children facing similar challenges. 

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