Vintage Backgammon/Shesh Besh

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20" Vintage Backgammon/Shesh Besh Set Foldable Chess board and Backgammon board Handmade Mosaic Inlay with Pearl HQ Checkers Pieces
Vintage Backgammon/Shesh Besh


This beautiful wood backgammon set is crafted with the hands of Arab artisans utilizing techniques used for generations.

Every little piece of wood you see is cut and placed by hand along with set inlay with mother of pearl. During the crafting process, each board takes days to be finished. This fold-able chess box is a great touch of nature and uniqueness to your home.

Measurements: "closed"

20" (50cm) Length 10.2" (25 cm) Width, 4" (9cm) High

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