decorative pillow star

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Fluffy star pillow

As its name suggests, an insanely pleasant pillow, addictive to caress and the most beautiful of pillows

Comes in white

-Photo illustration.

Cleaning and washing instructions:

* Use detergents designed for synthetic fabrics only!

* Washing in a washing machine, up to 30 degrees, reverse.

* Do not use bleaching agents, without squeezing and without soaking, dry in the shade.

* Suitable for indoor use only


Pictures for children's rooms are a great way to add atmosphere and interest to the room.

I offer a large variety of paintings for boys and girls and for everyone together (the most fun is sharing a room :)

All my paintings are characterized by two figures (except the animals) in which the girl and the boy bear are sailing in the imagination

To magical and impossible worlds (everything is possible when you are a child).

I print my drawings on the pillows for the children to have

Another way to design and express themselves (and of course for us parents to choose designs that we can also

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