Baby space canvas height gauge - height bar

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Height meter for children Baby Space - height bar

Altimeter in an original design with the original illustrations of Boo&Dav

How do they grow so fast?! too fast but that's life and in 2021 we like to document every moment,

May they and we have sweet memories to cuddle with ♥

A height meter is one of my and the children's favorite products, measure height once a few months to see the progress and keep forever, you can stick a sticker with the height marking so as not to destroy the measure and you can use an indelible marker for the canvas (any Lord will do the job) this height meter is printed on canvas And comes with wooden hangers for comfortable hanging Dimensions:

Length - 100 cm

Width - 21 cm

Measuring scale: 60 cm - 160 cm.

*Hang 60 cm above the floor

It is possible and even desirable to complete the look of the meter with matching wall stickers, in this case a sheet of clouds that you can find right here

Would you like to see how this drawing looks like in a set with additional illustrations, click here ⬅ 

Want to add another touch to the design of the room, click here ⬅ for wall stickers  

For the illustrated pillow collection (yes yes pillows with printed with the illustrations

The real ones, on soft, pleasant and addictive velvet) click here ⬅ 

*Photo illustration.

*There may be slight differences between the colors of the screen and the colors of the posters in reality.

Adding pictures to the children's room is the best way to start designing the room and choosing

The general design direction of the room.

All the illustrations I illustrate are original and were created a little from reality and a lot from my inner and imaginary world with Bo and Deb ♥

Because the paintings are so naive and impressive they can decorate almost any space in the house (not only for children :)

The painting can be a unique decorative item in children's libraries, family sitting areas, children's rooms and many times because of their calm nature

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