Decorative pillow - swing

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Decorative pillow - swing

Our pillows "Bo and Dov" are so soft and "fluffy" that you are simply addicted to them from the first touch,

They come with plenty of beautiful prints and original illustrations, suitable for decorating living environments,

Designed children's rooms, clinics, preschool care spaces, family care spaces, libraries and more.


  • Size-45/45 cm
  • Double-sided printing of a drawing
  • 100% velvet

-Easy opening and closing for cleaning: hidden zipper, washable (instructions below).

-Includes a filling pillow covered with fabric for easy retrieval, you can purchase without a filling pillow in the purchase options of the pillow.

- The fabric texture seen in the picture is digital and printed, the fabric texture of the pillow itself is smooth and velvety and very pleasant to the touch.

-Photo illustration.

Cleaning and washing instructions:

* Use detergents designed for synthetic fabrics only!

* Washing in a washing machine, up to 30 degrees, reverse.

* Do not use bleaching agents, without squeezing and without soaking, dry upside down in the shade.

* Can be ironed upside down. * Suitable for indoor use only

It is even possible to put together sets, and create a complete look for the room, for the learning and playing environment and for the therapeutic environment. With pillows you can cuddle, sit and read together, play, and of course decorate the space with a unique and one-time item that will serve you for a long time.

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