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After over twenty years in which he made up famous celebrities and worked in the most glamorous productions where he used the best make-up brands in the world, the make-up master finally decided to establish a make-up line bearing his name. The makeup and cosmetics brand Miki Buganim COSMETICS launched a collection of glam products developed using the highest quality raw materials and complete faith in each product as part of the "I believe" that advocates values such as simplicity, quality and beauty.

Makeup artist and hair stylist

As the leading makeup artist and hair stylist in Israel in recent years who is responsible for grooming the biggest stars in Israel and the world such as: Mariah Carey, Gal Gadot, Bar Refaeli, Shlomit Malka, Dana International, Galit Gutman, Ilanit Levy, Miri Bohdana, Niver Medar and more... and as the owner of one of my homes The biggest make-up book in Israel, which annually trains hundreds of professional make-up artists who currently work in the coveted make-up jobs in Israel, Miki is considered one of the most influential people in the fashion and beauty industry in Israel, who has been recognized for this quite a few times in numerous ceremonies and fashion events, so that after years of demand from the public, It's time to launch the makeup brand that bears his name and it's time for you to get excited with us about our new glam product collection, and discover a new world of beauty.