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About the brand:

Boo&Dav was created in 2016 by Shelly Amador, a graphic artist, who documents the first and exciting moments of the children's daily lives. In Boo&Dav, the world of imagination meets the world of matter thanks to illustrations with a delicate and naive line, reminiscent of fairy tales from the past. On the website you will find a multitude of products, which speak a uniform language, create a complete look for the children's room, and add to the atmosphere and the pleasant feeling also for treatment spaces, clinics and educational environments.

About the creator:

Very nice, my name is Shelly Amador, mother of Belle, Nadav (Vaniv) and the creator behind Boo&Dav graduated from the "Avni Institute" in the department of graphic design. I have always appreciated art, I was interested in it and I was involved in it, I draw my sources of inspiration from comic books, drawing books, the illustration style of the works "Peter Rabbit", the fairy tales "The Brothers Grimm", Alice in Wonderland and the Little Prince. My illustrations depict spontaneous, authentic and primal situations, which I document, and together with them I sail in the realms of imagination for small adventures from life. Experiences in the middle of the sea, in space and even in a hot air balloon, a yellow field of happy sunflowers, looking up to the sky, an encounter with the animals of the jungle, the savannah and the forest, and small moments of interpersonal connection and expressing gestures of love. I believe in the power of colors, and their great contribution to the creative development of children, and I offer on my website, plenty of ideas for designing boys' children's rooms, designing girls' children's rooms and designing mixed children's rooms, which will color the space with the magic of creativity, will inspire and give grace and refinement to the space. In the last decade I have been involved in the field of commercial branding for start-up companies in the high-tech industry. This experience gave me a strong foundation, and gave me the confidence to embark on an independent and extremely exciting journey, with the birth of the two eldest twin children, Bel and Nadav, after whom the brand is also named. invites you to go on a journey in the realms of imagination and creativity and collect moments of inspiration for you and your favorite people.