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"Striving for perfection is the foundation stone that guides us through all the steps of development and manufacturing. Starting with a design concept, we employ the finest materials and uncompromising attention to detail through each stage of creation.”

Reflecting the free spirit and style of Spira designers, each piece is created to suit the spirit of the modern woman by merging artistic design with sheer luxury. Spira is committed to providing customers with distinctive designer, custom-made jewelry to the highest standard of quality as well as superior service. The jewelry expertise and the passion for excellence are expressed in each and every piece that Spira creates.

We are Jewelry designers since 1997, We believe in Jewelry that will stay with you forever. Which is why the gold we use to make our jewelry is solid gold, We never use Gold plating, Brass or copper.

We hope you'll enjoy our jewelry as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Perfection is not an option, it’s our standard!