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My name is Ora, I grew up in Jerusalem in a house that functioned as an Self-sufficent farm for all intents and purposes. My father would make wine that was enough for a whole year. My mother baked and cooked everything at home. 

My sister would sew our clothes, repairs and renovations the boys would do.

From home I drew the love for productive manual work. Because in the end it all starts from there...

I graduated from tax consulting, and very quickly realized that it was not for me. I started studying ceramics for about 5 years while acquiring knowledge and experience at the same time as starting a family and giving birth to my four eldest sons.

Although it was challenging, I managed to fulfill a dream and set up a ceramics studio.

Every morning I give thanks for the privilege of doing what I love so much, something that is not taken for granted at all.

For me, everything starts with the body. I connect to my work through my hands, the touch of the material, the physical enjoyment of the creation and the Sisyphean labor which I also love.

All these are a blessing in themselves.