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Until recently, I was employed in a coveted high-tech position in a well-known company,
I lived in a routine that most people live in which includes a very clear dress code in accordance with the framework of the cultural norm dictated by the position I held.

I remember this day like it happened yesterday.
In the middle of another routine meeting in the office, the team leader was looking for a volunteer to give training to a new establishment team located in Tokyo, Japan.

I will never forget how everyone tried to avoid the requested mission with a smile, while I saw a glimmer of an opportunity to break the routine of my life.

I raised my hand with moderate caution and accepted the challenge.

The biggest change in my life started about a week after my arrival which was timed for two weeks which included intense and full days of work, meetings and a marathon of trainings for the local staff.

And then here I find myself ahead of the hazel and towards the end of the professional mission I have two whole free days left for myself.

I consulted with Akami (a local contact person who took care of all my needs) where to go in order to absorb the stylish local culture of the Japanese.
She recommended going to a market called Amioko.

And then it happened, I took a train to get to Amioko and when I started to enter the colorful and stylish market with thousands of different stalls,
While walking between the stalls in the narrow and hidden alleys of Amioko, with the feeling that I don't know where I'm going and certainly that I don't know how I'm getting out.
I arrived at a stand that made me embark on a new path, a path that had been hidden in me for many years and I did not dare to break through and realize myself.
I remember myself standing with my mouth open for several minutes in crazy density when my eyes keep moving up and down, right and left.
It was a colorful and stylish stand with hundreds of models of socks!! I spent about 3 hours at this booth having a conversation in Japanese with Google Translate with the lovely owner of the booth.
I left the booth with about 20 pairs of crazy socks and with a pounding headache that didn't let up until I sat down.

Today, after leaving the high-tech field, I am here to serve you dear customers and bring you the coolest and craziest socks the world has to offer.
Hope you enjoy.