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My name is Slav Saul - an artist and the owner of the Crochet brand Slav&So.
After a rather impressive career in commerce and retail, The Crochet art infiltrated my life at a challenging period, captivated me and made me an addict(:

Slav&So is one of the most prominent and leading Israeli crochet brands in Israel.
I develop, produce and sell a large variety of crochet products made by order, however, I am well known thanks to the line of crochet bags.

The look of my bags is unique. The reason for this is that I crochet my bags with fabrics!
I produce my materials right from scratch - I buy fabric rolls of different types, slice them into ribbons and crochet a variety of models with it.
I work with different types of fabrics - cotton, lycra, lurex, viscose, etc. - each fabric has a different effect on the texture and therefore each fabric creates a different and unique look for the bag.
My bags are 100% made by hand in my studio.
Each item us carefully made with love and care.