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Welcome to Megalayah

Megalayah is a rooted trip between cultures in the world, between female beauty and a human story.
A brand that is full of inspiration, art and human female connection.
Megalayah was created with the belief that people love and connect with products that have a message and inspiration.
A connection that makes them happy and reminds them of something about themselves. Something we might forget.
The products were produced with maximum consideration for the environment - high quality and preserved for years, without the use of leather.
The portrait paintings are handmade - inspired by photographs from around the world and the hand of imagination.

My personal story:

Hey. I am Efrat Gabriela Atias, artist and graphic designer.
Megalayah is a combination of the loves of my life: art, cultures from around the world, graphic design and textiles.
During a year of university studies in India, in a magical and isolated village called Shantiniketan, I started experimenting with connecting bag sewing with my paintings.
I felt it was a wonderful way to bring the art into expression and create a product that is "walking art".
This is how my brand Megalayah was born, which has since developed into many more products.