A Sfaradi Torah scroll

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A Torah scroll written by Rabby Menachem Goldberg - Head of the Educational Center Keshrey-Tefillin, including:

• An elegant Torah scroll with beautiful and homogeneous writing at a high level, with attention to the accuracy of the letters.

• The book scrolls are on a very high-level.

• The quill used is made of marble-like material , which leads to homogeneous and clear writing. The quill has no metal at all.

• The ink we use is called "Nahary Ink", high quality and shiny ink.

• The appearance of the Torah scroll has a homogeneous appearance and no longer letters (precise distribution of the spaces in each line).You choose the size of the Torah scroll.

• The Torah book undergoes two manual proofreading and a computer one.

• Our institute is kosher by Rabbi Elyakim Lebanon, Rabbi of Samaria, and also by Rabbi Reuven Uziel, Rabbi of Northern Samaria,and the recommendation of Rabbi Gaon Rabbi Dov Lior.

• Beginning of writing: You are invited to begin writing the Torah scroll. (if not in Israel the beginning can by broadcasted over zoom or whatsapp.You will experience writing and we will run the proofreading program and more.

• Sewing the sheets: You are invited, according to your choice, to participate in sewing the sheets of the Torah scroll (on your trip to Israel).

•We will be available for allyour questions.

I see myself as your partner in the great mitzvah of writing the Torah scroll. I'm just a courier, so I see great importance in you being partners in practice as well, as much as you are interested and as much as possible, so we invite you for an experience and to sew the sheets.

In the experience of the Torah scroll (which often joins the beginning of writing), I sit with you personally, on a fascinating journey following the Torah scroll.

The educational experience and extensive knowledge, make the workshop a fun and unforgettable experience, one that connects you to your mitzvah and your Torah scroll.

During the experience that lasts about two hours, you feel, write, experience, read and more ...

We hear about the experience many reactions such as: "An extraordinary experiential journey, we enjoyed every second" "We connected to the mitzvah" "It was worth the whole trip"

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It is a great privilege for us to offer you to buy a Torah scroll written especially for you, with great elegance and meticulousness on all the rules of precision of tradition, in a wonderful writing by the head of the center, Rabbi Menachem Goldberg!