Elegant Sfaradi Mezuzah Written by Rabby Menachem Goldberg

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Our mezuzahs are very special

By buying a mezuzah through us, you can be sure that you have received kosher and elegant mezuzahs.

I, Rabbi Menachem Goldberg, head of the institute will write you your mezuzahs personally.

Writing a mezuzah takes me between two to three hours.

A qualified mezuzah is a mezuzah handwritten by a certified scribe .

We at the institute have the kosher certificate of Rabbi Elyakim Lebanon, Rabbi of Samaria, Rabbi Reuven Uziel, Rabbi of Tal Menashe,and a recommendation from Rabbi Dov Lior.

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•Elegant mezuzahs of all sizes!

•Written by the expert scribe, the head of the center, Rabbi Menachem Goldberg

•The photos are for illustration only.