Exquisite Sfaradi Tefillin + A Special Tefillin Experience - Written by the Head of the Center Rabby Menachem Goldberg

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Bar Mitzvah Tefillin experience includes:

• Kosher by Rabbi Eliakim Levanon – Chief Rabbi of Samaria, and Rabbi Reuven Uziel Chief Rabbi of Tal Menashe and Northern Samaria, recommended by Rabbi Dov Lior.

• Tefillin Separated etc.

• Strips handmade: Black on one side / Black on both sides, according to choice.

• Experiential personal meeting of an hour and a half - two hours, with the head of the center - Rabbi Menachem Goldberg - scribe and educator for many years. The experience will be personal and will be broadcast on Zoom or Skype by the head of the English-speaking center, Rabbi Menachem Goldberg.

If you arrive in Israel before the bar mitzvah, you can request for these personal experiences at our center.

•Learning about writing and experiential taste of the laws of writing tefillin.

• Writing with a quill and ink on parchment.

• Holding Batim at different stages of production.

•Holding Batim at different stages of production.

•Reading your tefillin parchments, that will be put in your tefillin.

• Partnership in putting your parchments into your houses and sewing them.

• A copy of the film that includes a video of your experience with your family and guests.


•We will be available to answer all your questions.

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Short description

• Our flagship product! Elegant tefillin with exceptional writing beauty! The head of the center, Rabbi Menachem Goldberg, leaves all his occupations and writes Tefillin himself once in a while. Great privilege and special elegance!

•The parchments undergo two manual proofreading, and computer proofreading using sophisticated software that combines a camera and a computer test.

•During a bar mitzvah visit to Israel, it is recommended to come to us for an unforgettable Tefillin experience with your son and to have the privilege of bringing the Tefillin parchments into the Tefillin yourself!

•Learn more about the Tefillin and experience writing with a feather and ink on a parchment!

•The head of the center speaks English and will convey the experience to you personally.