Exquisite Tefillin Sfaradi + A Special Tefillin Experience by the Head of the Center, Rabbi Menachem Goldberg

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What the experience includes:

• Experiential personal meeting of an hour and a half - two hours, with the head of the center - Rabbi Menachem Goldberg - scribe and educator for many years.

• Learning about writing and experiential taste of laws of writing tefillin.

• Experience writing with a quill and ink on parchment. (in the institute)

• Holding Batim at different stages of production.

• Reading in your tefillin parchments, that will be put into your tefillin.

• Partnership in putting your parchment's into your houses and sewing them.

• A film that includes a video of your experience with your family and guests.

• Refreshments

• We will be available to answer all your questions.

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Short description

• The tefillin and the experience.

• Inside the tefillin there are parshas that in order to be kosher must be handwritten by an expert scribe. It takes an expert scribe to write one Pair of tefillin between 10 and 15 hours (depending on the scribe).

•Our tefillin houses are made of high-quality thick leather.

•All the writers are selected one by one by the head of the center, Rabbi Menachem Goldberg.

•Our institute is kosher by Rabbi Elyakim Lebanon, Rabbi of Samaria, and also by Rabbi Reuven Uziel, Rabbi of Northern Samaria.

•And the recommendation of Rabbi Gaon Rabbi Dov Lior.

•All episodes undergo manual proofreading and computer proofreading.

•The experience will be done for you in Zoom or Skype. And if you arrive in Israel before the bar mitzvah, we can make the experience face to face with us at the institute.