The Tefillin Experience

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Experiential personal meeting of an hour and a half - two hours, with the head of the Kishrei Tefillin center - Rabbi Menachem Goldberg - scribe and educator for many years.

A virtual meeting via Zoom or Skype*

• Learning about writing Torah, and tefillin parchments

• Experiential taste of the laws and rules of writing tefillin.

• Understanding the tradition of the Mitzvah as well as the producing process

Connecting to the tefillin and the Mitzvah personally

• A personalized experience suited for you and your family

• We will be available for all your questions.

*Face-to face meetings are available (and preferable) in Israel

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Short description

• A unique and personal tefillin experience for Bar-Mitzvah boys and their families

A virtual meeting via Zoom or Skype