3 Pack Organic Cotton Pad with PUL Layer for Menstruation / Urinary Incontinence

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3 reusable organic cotton pads with PUL layer for light to medium bleeding / urinary incontinence.

The pads are made of 100% organic cotton GOTS certified - an international certification for organic cotton, which ensures that the cotton does not contain hazardous chemicals, and is manufactured under fair trade (including the dyed fabrics).

The shape of the pads is adapted to the female body, it sits naturally, comfortably and is not felt.

The pads consist of 4 layers of organic cotton and between them a layer of PUL-material that is liquid proof and breathable.

The pads are recommended for use in urinary incontinence and light bleeding.

For a pad with wings, including buttons made of nickel fruit - a metal that is safe to touch for women who are sensitive to metals and prevent movement - for a feeling of security throughout the day.

Comes in size 24 cm. Width: 6 cm.

Benefits of use:

Ecological - In the transition to the use of cloth pantyliners we help protect our world and our body from pollution and waste accumulation.

All our packaging is made from ecological materials - recycled paper and corn starch that is consumed in a composter.

Healthy - the pantyliner is recommended by doctors, homeopaths and Chinese medicine practitioners.

Pads are also recommended for women suffering from vaginitis, candida, bad smell, itching and genital and urinary tract infections.

The product is cruelty free.

Made in Israel - The products are made with love in Israel.

Economical - no need to buy every month, the pads are durable and good to use for years.

The product comes with washing instructions tailored to extend the life of the product.

Women who use cloth pads report relief from premenstrual symptoms, shortening of menstrual days, return to natural femininity, flow of life and emotions.

With fabric pads you will feel free and healthy and you will experience softness throughout the day.

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Short description

•3 reusable organic cotton pads with PUL layer for light to medium bleeding / urine incontinence.

•Made of 100% organic cotton. The pads are ecological, thin, pleasant, airy, breathable and economical.

Comes in size 24 cm. Width: 6 cm.