Fishlife - to relieve stress, pressure and anxiety 50 ml

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An innovative and unique formulation that combines passion fruit seed extract known for its calming properties and its ability to provide a sense of calmness, peace, relaxation in the body and mind and good sleep. And GABA amino acid which is used as an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system and therefore suppresses nerve messages in the brain, suppression that creates relaxation of the central nervous system and leads to a feeling peace and quiet.

The formula is intended for relaxation during the day and night, for states of anxiety, restlessness, restlessness, sleep problems, fears and depression.
No anesthetic and no side effects. If you were looking for natural tranquilizers, buy Fishlife, a perfect substitute for tranquilizers - the most effective formula for the natural treatment of anxiety.
A product that in our busy lives today is a must have at home!

components | Water, alcohol (0.002 per serving), glycerin, gaba extract and passion fruit extract.

Content  |  50 ml

Kosher  _ In the Agudath Israel Association

license  | Ministry of Health approval

Vegan / Organic  | vegan

Instructions for use Mix well before use, 30-60 drops (dropper) twice a day in a warm to lukewarm drink.
For maximum absorption, hold under the tongue for a few seconds.

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