Anti-Hypertension tincture

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* Objectives of herbal treatment for hypertension.
Dilation of blood vessels and improvement of vascular flexibility.
Improving blood circulation.
Calming and reducing anxiety, emotional balance and mood. Feeding
the heart.

Dosage and method of taking
Tincture - 5 ml * 3 a day. it is possible with water or juice half an hour before a meal
Dry extract - 1 capsule * 3 a day on an empty stomach.

Tincture formula
* Hawthorn - Crataegus spp
Olive leaves - Olea europaea
Theresa, Tilia - Tilia spp
Reishi mushroom - Ganoderma lucidum

Hawthorn- Hawthorn has an effect on the connection between the
nervous system and the cardiovascular system. Hawthorn improves

blood flow in the coronary arteries and nourishes the heart, soothes and

counteracts anxiety, emotional balance and improves mood. All of these

give it effectiveness in treating high blood pressure.

Olive leaves- lowers blood pressure, lowers blood lipids / cholesterol
levels, antibacterial, lowers blood sugar levels, dilates coronary arteries,

metabolic diuretic, antioxidant.

Chinese Sage- The plant has been used in Chinese medicine for
centuries to treat cardiovascular disease, degenerative brain diseases,

sleep disorders, menstrual problems and more. In recent years, Western

herbal medicine has been researching the root of this plant and

comparing its activity to the drug nitroglycerin used to dilate blood


Tilia- Tilia has soothing properties,
lowers blood pressure and changes. Its

use creates a general relaxation of the

body and as a result it improves mood,

and can help in cases of sleep


Genoderma- Genoderma is defined
as an adaptogen: a plant that has the

effect of strengthening the adrenal

glands and the ability to increase body

endurance, both physically and men

tally- helps in stressful situations.
Medicinal purple medicine as a

medicinal plant that is also suitable for

active types who suffer from fever.

It is considered an excellent supportive

plant in formulas designed for

long-term treatment of diabetes,

to support and prevent cancer and to

balance blood pressure


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