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Treatment goals
Dilation of the airways
Disinfection and treatment of inflammation
Healing of the mucous tissue of the airways
Conditions for which the formula suitable:

asthma, chronic and acute bronchitis, pneum

Dosage and method of taking: 5 ml * 3 per day on an empty stomach

The formula

* Inula hel - Tion the Sun
Ligusticum spp
Achinacea Ang - Echinacea
Marubium Vul - From Rubion
Thymus vul - Thyme daughter
Uncaria tom - Una de gat

Herbal sunscreen- expands the respiratory tract, sweating,
anti-bacterial, viral antidepressant, strengthens, antiseptic

(respiratory tract), aromatic expectorant, stimulant / activates vaccine,

reduces phlegm, antitussive

Main uses:
bronchitis (acute), bronchitis (chronic), infections and
inflammation of the lower respiratory tract

Ligusticum spp- Ligusticum is known as a warming and invigorating plant
which stimulates the stomach, improves peripheral blood circulation,

and is a respiratory tract antispasmodic and therefore effective in treating

acute and chronic bronchitis and asthma.

Ligosticum is rich in antioxidants, is anti-inflammatory, and has an

anticoagulant property, so it should be taken with caution with


It is also effective in treating amenorrhea, menstrual cramps, acute

headaches, anemia, urinary tract infections, flu
and colds.

uncaria- Una de gato - is a plant of choice
for the treatment of pneumonia. It is used

as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial,

antiviral, anti-cancer, anti-fungal, lowers

blood sugar levels, stimulates / activates

vaccine, transformer (alternative),

anti-malignant tumor, antioxidant.

Thyme- Absorbent, flatulence, intestinal
worm killer, anti-bacterial, anti-viral,

anti-fungal, tonic, antiseptic (airway),

aromatic expectorant, stimulant / warmer,

stimulant / activator of vaccine, reduces

phlegm, nodule, bronchodilator,

antioxidant, antispasmodic

(respiratory system), antitussive.

Marobion- The plant has been found to
be effective in treating various problems

in several systems in the body, including:

cardiac, digestive, respiratory systems and

more. The plant's activities in the context of

respiratory health are: expectorant, reduces

vasoconstriction (vasorelaxant), antitussive,

softens mucosal tissue, antispasmodic,

antiseptic and more.

Echinacea- anti-inflammatory, immune
system stimulant, anti-bacterial, anti-viral,

anti-fungal and anti-parasite. Very effective

in treating external injuries, pneumonia,

bronchitis, cough, flu and m

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