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Objectives of herbal treatment
Calming the overactivity of the nervous system in terms of stress,

anxiety and anxiety.

Strengthening the nervous system and strengthening the adrenal


Dosage and method of taking: 3 ml * 3 per day ml with water or juice

The formula:

  • Vitania Withania som
  • Cupella Centella asi
  • European Tilia
  • Chamomile Matricaria rec
  • European Scutellaria lat

Whitney- Whitney is also called Indian ginseng; this plant is also grown
a lot in the country, Whitney is one of the most important plants in

modern herbal medicine. The part used is the root. Is an adaptogenic

plant, used to strengthen the immune system, the adrenal glands, and

the nervous system. It is soothing, nourishing, stimulating, anti-depres
sant, anti-anxiety, effective in treating sleep disorders, helps the body

deal with mental and physical stress and m

Cup- An adaptogen plant, and neurotransmitter, used to improve cog-
nitive processes, effective in treating attention and concentration dis
orders, soothing, reduces anxiety and worry, strengthens adrenals, ef
fective in treating Alzheimer's, improves mood, reduces oxidative stress

and improves mitochondrial function in the brain. The cup contains

vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, beta carotene,

vitamin C, vitamins B-1,2,3 which are important for brain function.

Chamomile- The chamomile plant has been known in herbal medicine
and has been used for hundreds and thousands of years.

Chamomile has many therapeutic effects, in-
cluding: soothing, sleep-inducing,

reduces anxiety, antidepressant,

sleep-inducing, effective in treating

digestive problems and more. Cham
omile is a safe plant to use, with no

side effect

European linden- the part used are
the flowers and leaves. The plant

has the effect of calming induction,

reducing anxiety and worry, calm
ing the nervous system, is effective

for calming nightmares, and even

improving mood. The plant has an

antispasmodic effect even on the

smooth muscles in the skeletal


European Cure- Used to strengthen
the nervous system, the plant has a

constructive effect on the nervous

system, regulates mood, effective

in treating anxiety, insomnia, stress

and hyperactivity. Also effective for

improving learning and memory



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