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The causes of fertility problems and male impotence can be due to
mental or physical factors including:

Low testosterone, hypothyroidism or diabetes.
Neurological diseases or vascular diseases.
Depression, anxiety, bad relationship with partner, fear of rejection,
fear of execution.

Drugs, alcohol, smoking, heavy metal poisoning, overweight and more.
The herbal treatment with the addition of the amino acid L-arginine
and the antioxidant pycnogenol, will cover the possible causes of the


Dosage and method of administration- 1 capsule* 3 per day

Herbal formula
* Korean ginseng Panax gin
* Whitania intoxicates Withania som
* Maca Lepidium mey
* Tribulus terrestris


L-arginine 1000mg 1 * 3 per day. This amino acid dilates blood vessels, increases blood flow, and has been found to be effective in improving sexual function in men. Pycnoginol 120 mg once per day.

Korean Ginseng- The medical activities that the plant has demonstrated
in many clinical studies are: adaptogen, raises testosterone levels,

regulates blood sugar, antidepressant, improves male sexual function, impoves

sperm quality, supports the nervous system, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant,

cardiovascular strength and more.

Intoxicating Whitney- Whitening improves sperm count, sperm motility,
among other things by preventing oxidative stress in the testicles an
d cell death.

Maca- Maca is an adaptogen that is par-
ticularly suitable for the treament of male

impotence. Maca has demonstrated in

many studies, improvement in the

quantity, quality and motility of sperm.

Maca is also used for food and as such is

extremely safe to use.

Maca does not raise testosterone levels

Damiana - The plant is mainly used to
treat depression, loss of appetite,

impotence, decreased libido, and to treat


Tribulus terrestris

The tribulus grew in a subtropical climate;

today it grows wild in Israel. The leaves of

the plant are especially rich with active

components. The plant increases liver

stimulation to secrete a hormone that

accelerates regeneration and growth of

tissues, muscles and bones. The plant

stimulates the secretion of the hormone

testosterone and thereby increases the

amount of sperm cells and immediately

improves fertility values.

The tribulus lowers cholesterol levels and

balances blood lipid levels. It is also used

as an supplementary diuretic and as such

prevents or treats urinary tract stones.

The tribulus lowers high blood pressure,

improves alertness, hormonal balance

also for menopausal women, and more.


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