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Headaches are one of the most common and frequent symptoms in the

The severity and frequency of pain varies from person to person and

depends on mental, environmental and physical factors.

Headaches can appear as a primary condition regardless of another

health condition, or secondary due to a health condition

Objectives of herbal treatment
* Calm the activity of the nervous system
* Anti-inflammatory activity in the walls of blood vessels in the brain
* Antioxidant activity in the brain

Dosage and method of taking: 2.5 ml * 2 per day with water / juice or when necessary 5 ml + 3 per day

The formula
* Scented chrysanthemum -
Tanacetum parthenium

Medical Eshbal - Stachys officinalis

Tilia - Tilia spp

Scented chrysanthemum- a plant from the complex family whose
origin is England.

In recent years, there has been a great deal of interest in the plant

following studies that have indicated its effectiveness in treatin
migraines and rheumatoid arthritis.

In modern herbal medicine the plant is attributed to moderate activity

and is considered a key plant for the treatment of migraine and


Ashbel- an evergreen shrub with a purple
bloom that usually grows throughout

Europe and belongs to the lip family.

John Parkinson (1567-1650), one of the

greatest English herbalists of all time,

notes that taking ashbel before drinking

alcohol prevents drunkenness, while

taking the plant after drinking prevents

and stops the bad feeling known as


In modern herbal medicine, herbaceous is

considered a gentle plant suitable for spot

treatment as well as long-term


Tilia- Lily has soothing properties, lowers
blood pressure and changes. Its use cre
ates a general relaxation of the body and

as a result it improves mood, and can help

in cases of sleep problem

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