Organic Restoring Pedicure Cream

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Organic Restoring Pedicure Cream

50 ML, 100 ML

The Organic Restoring Pedicure Cream is a foot care formulation with a focus on treatment and restoration. It exhibits anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal characteristics, provides relief from itching, and has a softening effect on the skin. The cream also aids in controlling sweat and odor, offering disinfectant properties and a soothing effect.

It is particularly effective in addressing conditions such as fungal infections, eczema, itching, and dry or cracked skin. The formulation includes cold-pressed plant-based oils, with a notable inclusion of high-quality hemp oil. It is further enriched with Vitamin E and essential lavender oil.

The cream is designed for daily use and can also be applied post-pedicure. Its organic composition and restorative properties make it a reliable choice for foot care.

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