Shefa - for lactating women to increase breast milk 90 capsules

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An amazing and effective dedicated formula for lactating women to increase and improve breast milk and to optimize the breastfeeding process in the first two years after birth. The formula is rich in herbs known in Chinese and Western medicine such as fenugreek seeds, fennel, Chinese carob, ginger and zinc, combined with powerful superfoods rich in nutrients such as moringa and rheumatism known for their ability to affect the mammary glands in the breast and help increase the production of breast milk. It is recommended for lactating women who are interested in a natural, nutritious and healthy supplement to increase the production of breast milk, beyond this benefit, the ingredients in the formula nourish the body with vitamins, minerals, protein, fatty acids and essential antioxidants and provide the body with energy, strength and strengthening of the immune system.

components | Rehmannia extract - Fallopia DE
Chinese carob extract - Fallopia DE
Vegetable capsule - Fenugreek
seed cellulose - Trigonella foenum Winged moringa
extract - Moringa oliefera DE
Fennel seed extract - Fennel seed DE
Zinc (picolinate)
Ginger extract - Zingiber Officinale DE

Content | 90 tablets

Instructions for use 2-3 capsules a day before meals with half a glass of milk (100 ml), it is recommended to take after breastfeeding
if you do not feel an improvement within two weeks, you should stop taking the formula for 5 days and then continue again.

Kosher   In the Agudath Israel Association.

license | Ministry of Health approval.

Vegan / Organic |  Vegan and organic

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