Light Stroller Liner, Blanket & Swaddle in 1 - Off Black/ Pink

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100% Organic Cotton. 

IS IT A STROLLER LINER OR IS IT A BLANKET? It’s both! For the first time on Amazon, Kookoolon brings you this unique stroller protector 41” long by 46” wide which fits any stroller and becomes a swaddle for your baby boy or girl in a split second - for a clean stroller and a snug, happy baby. It is made from the highest quality, 100% Organic Cotton. Fits car seats so it makes a perfect receiving blanket - from hospital to home! 

EASY TO ATTACH TO THE STROLLER with Velcro so there is no effort involved. Baby sits or lays comfortably on the liner. The liner does not hinder strapping baby in and there is no fuss.

 EASY TO CARRY! No more bulky bag or hard to reach blanket. There are 2 versions of this blanket / liner - light and extra-light. It comes in 8 color combinations – off black/white, pink/pink, grey/grey, off black/off black, blue/blue, grey/blue, off black/grey and off black/pink - in a delicate geometric woodland animal print. This Light version is made of 2 layers of the finest organic cotton - each with a diffferent color making it double sided for use. 

EASY TO WRAP BABY Because your child is already laying on the blanket in the buggy, the car seat or the baby rocker, when you see your baby drifting off to sleep or you want to protect him/her from the chill just pull up the bottom and sides of your seat protector and place the hood on your baby’s head and he/she is snuggly wrapped in soft, comforting, 100% organic cotton. Super comfort for sound sleep. 

EASY TO WASH Because it is easy to attach and easy to remove from the stroller and because you want your stroller and your baby to be clean at all times. Just detach and place in the washing machine on a cool wash. Allow to air dry in the shade and you’re ready for your next enjoyable, stress free outing. 

HIGHEST QUALITY, UNIQUE, COMFORTABLE, ADORABLE, EASY TO USE! What more could you ask for from a baby blanket and stroller cover. Be the first to give this as a gift to your friends at their baby shower or baby registry. It’s even suitable for a 1st birthday present. BUY NOW and be the most original and loved gift giver.

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