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Tatooim tattoos temporary tattoos

we wish the people of Israel strength,

Unity and mental strength to overcome our enemy

and remember that sometimes the obstacle is us,

be better to each other and get through this too.

We uploaded complete sets of tattoos in the atmosphere of the Land of Israel, the IDF and more.

You are invited to choose and purchase sets for yourself and spread the love of our country.

The tattoos last for several days on smooth, clean and dry skin (do not apply creams or oils to the skin)Not intended for face skin

We have delicate sheets that are 1 to 2 shower resistant
And waterproof pages that last longer
You must specify which type of page you want.

Their adhesion is easy - remove the nylon on the tattoo and moisten the back of the sticker with water only until the drawing transfers to the skin.
The removal of the tattoos is easy - a cotton swab dipped in a little nail polish remover without acetone or alcohol
You can also scrub with soapy water and a towel - especially the pages that are more delicate to the water.

We also printed special shirts, T-shirts in a variety of sizes that can be ordered with the special illustrations I designed in light of the Seventh of October events.

You can order a shirt, specify the desired size

and we will send it to you to any destination in the world.

navit WhatsApp: +972-545309400

you can ask me anything about tattoos or t-shirts