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Are you also watching the atrocities of Hamas in Israel since October 7th, want to help and contribute but feel helpless?

Hi, we are Omar and Shiri, marketing experts from Israel. Our private businesses froze because of the war and we decided that we were not going to sit at home and just watch the atrocities from afar!

In the first week of the war, we went out every day to volunteer - from packing food to distributing toys to the children of the kibbutzim who were evacuated from their homes and hot meals for the soldiers and military equipment for the soldiers in all the borders and settlements throughout the country. In the second week, we concentrated all our efforts and knowledge in the field of marketing and sales and established this website whose entire purpose is to express Support Israel, even from afar!

A large part of the profits will be donated to VM ISRAEL and in part we will finance our time that will allow us to return and volunteer all over the country in whatever it takes... You are invited to join the struggle, express your support for Israel and donate ???????? Thank you, and may better days come for all of us Omer and Shiri

** Your photos and videos with the products will be very useful for advertising and marketing the site and thus - also for increasing donations