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Workshops and group sessions: 1) Pre-scheduled workshops (scheduled on the calendar), where you can join a group of people who gather to learn and expand their self- awareness through exercises and also get the chance to be chosen for a Working Place session with the group. (min. of 5 participants). 2) Workshops for Groups: You can gather a group of friends and schedule a group workshop (group up to 12 participants/ online workshop - up to 30). The purpose of workshops and sessions in groups: * Learning and evolving ourselves to live better and fulfilling life * Experiencing new ways of healing our psyche, with other people who also want to self-help * Resolving issues that can be present in a system (family, working place, community) * Heal Generational pain * Break-free from destructive patterns * Restore harmony in your life * Connect with your TRUE SELF * Live in autonomy and healthy relationships

Duration 3 hours and 30 minutes

From 10 shekels

Online or at Scheduled location

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