by Jean Carmelle Reyes


In the heart of Tel Aviv lies a home-based company that captures the essence of Israeli culture and symbolism through fashion – Hamsa Hamsa. Let's discover their unique collection that combines tradition with contemporary style.

1. Tank Top GoldenEye:

Guard yourself against the evil eye with Hamsa Hamsa's tank top adorned with a golden eye motif. Crafted from rayon elastane jersey, this classic Mediterranean-inspired piece brings blessings of good fortune. The gold foil print adds a touch of elegance to this protective garment.

2. Tie-Dye Jersey with Hamsa Motif:

Embrace luxury and charm with the tie-dye jersey featuring a silver foil cut-out Hamsa motif. Designed with kimono sleeves and a loose fit, this top exudes style while offering comfort. Made from rayon elastane jersey, it's irresistibly soft to the touch.

3. Love Emblem Shirt:

Celebrate love as a precious treasure with Hamsa Hamsa's shirt adorned with a silver emblem print that spells "Love" in Hebrew. The kimono sleeves add a touch of uniqueness to this stylish piece, perfect for spreading love wherever you go.

4. Luck and Protection Designs:

Explore a range of designs symbolizing luck and protection from the evil eye, including Hebrew inscriptions and luxurious mandala motifs in gold foil. Each piece carries the essence of blessings and fortune, adding a touch of meaning to your wardrobe.

5. Love and AHAVA Pillow Cover:

Transform your home with Hamsa Hamsa's exquisite pillow cover crafted from the finest cotton. Adorned with a gold foil print of love and "AHAVA" (Hebrew for love), this piece is believed to bring love and luck to any space.

Hamsa Hamsa's collection seamlessly blends tradition with modern aesthetics, offering fashion that not only looks good but also carries profound symbolism. Whether you're looking for protection, love, or luck, their pieces are sure to add a touch of Israeli charm to your wardrobe and home.

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