Embracing Natural Health with Michal Belhans and Spirulina Full Life

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In the tranquil town of Tevon resides Michal Belhans, a mother of seven and the passionate owner of Spirulina Full Life. This leading Israeli company imports, manufactures, and markets superfood products, nutritional supplements, and natural cosmetics. Under Michal’s visionary guidance, Spirulina Full Life has become synonymous with holistic health solutions and natural living.

A Vision Rooted in Natural Health

Michal Belhans’s journey is deeply intertwined with her vision: to empower as many people as possible to embrace natural health through the use of natural products. At Spirulina Full Life, this vision is brought to life every day. The company offers a comprehensive range of holistic solutions designed for health enthusiasts as well as individuals dealing with various internal and external health challenges. By integrating healthy nutrition products with natural, toxin-free care and treatments, Spirulina Full Life provides the optimal combination for achieving the best and fastest health results.

Commitment to Innovation and Excellence

Innovation and development are at the core of Spirulina Full Life’s operations. Michal and her dedicated team strive continuously to bring their customers unique, effective, and active formulas. The company boasts of an impressive catalog of over 500 products and serves tens of thousands of satisfied customers. Each customer story, filled with tales of dramatic transformations and improved well-being, fuels Michal’s unwavering commitment to creating, producing, and innovating in the realm of natural health products.

From India to Israel

The origins of Spirulina Full Life trace back to a simple yet profound experience in India. It all began with a bowl of green morning porridge, sparking an idea that would eventually blossom into a thriving enterprise.

Experience the benefits of natural health and discover the life-changing potential of Spirulina Full Life’s products.


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Mothers usually want to keep their children away from harsh product ingredients. This is what happened to Loni Tevel Barnes founder of Loni Natural Cosmetics Brand after she gave birth to her son. She bought standard baby oil and looked forward to bonding with her baby through baby massages. This was something that she looked forward to ever since she dreamt of being a mother. However, upon looking at the commercial baby oil’s product ingredient list, she realized how many unfamiliar synthetics and potentially harmful components with intimidating names the baby oil contained. She then decided to do her own research on natural oils while keeping her massage bonding ritual on hold temporarily. Loni decided to become a certified natural pharmacist and went on to establish her own natural skincare brand.

Plant-based Vitamins and Minerals

Loni’s Natural Cosmetics Brand formulates skin-loving products based on cold-pressed natural oils, plant-based vitamins, and minerals as well as safe active ingredients, all aimed at restoring skin health and ultimately making women and men feel confident in their own skin.

As a former confectioner and jewelry designer, Loni’s passion for aesthetics also extends to her products. She especially designed the packaging to be complete with a unique urban-natural look and feel. This brand and lifestyle direction is driven by Loni’s belief that anyone can enjoy her products, whether you are a hippie, a 100% naturalist, a countryside inhabitant, or an urban dweller. You can enjoy nature’s goodness however and whenever you want!

Loni calls it “nature-on-demand!”

Loni’s Natural Cosmetics Brand offers natural cosmetics for women, from creams for the face, hands, and body to lipsticks, serums, and natural deodorant. All products are made with high quality and based on natural and completely vegan ingredients.

Every woman can purchase them for herself or as a gift for her friends or employees.

Core Values

Loni’s core values are respect for people and their skin, belief in the freedom to choose, aesthetic-led, driven by quality support and self-empowerment.

The brand is for all women who acknowledge and value the beneficial powers of nature on their body’s spirit and skin.


Boko SV Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd is a leading company in Israel that focuses on the development, production, and marketing of professional cosmetics and hair care.

Boko SV Cosmetic Laboratories has a team of senior chemists whose main work is to specialize in developing unique formulas in the cosmetic industry.

The company’s production plant invests in advanced technologies to allow it to offer a wide range of quality products of the highest standards for the professional and consumer markets. All the products strictly comply with international quality and sustainability standards. Their products are cruelty-free.

Throughout the years, Boko has garnered tens of thousands of satisfied customers who can vouch for its products and use them over and over again.

Boko SV Cosmetics markets and distributes worldwide and its distribution channels reach its targets from all over.

Organic Hair Serum

One of Boko SV Cosmetics’ flagship products is the organic hair serum which has a unique formula that restores split ends and damaged hair, lending long-lasting softness, and shine. It has pure Argan oil and is rich with Vitamin E, which is known to nourish, renew, refresh and revitalize the hair follicle. The product contains essential fatty acids such as Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9. Studies show that the oil strengthens hair follicles and revitalizes dull hair for a more vibrant and radiant look.

The avocado oil is rich in antioxidants, minerals, fatty acids, and vitamins B5, A, and E. The secret to this unique formulation is a combination of exclusive silicones for an incredibly intense and effective gloss. The serum is good for damaged or straightened hair.

Professional Clay Wax

Another flagship product is the professional clay wax by Fortuna enriched with butter for the styling and sculpting of hair. The product contains Shea butter produced from the heart of Shea nut and mango butter which is rich in vitamins and minerals that seal the desired moisture for the hair. The product contains various exclusive oils which are Argan, olive, jojoba, and Marula – oils that are rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish the hair and pamper the scalp. The wax isn’t sticky and rinses off easily and helps preserve hair texture.

The product’s unique secret is the combination of natural clay and exclusive Marula oil that creates a wax that gives a matte finish and a wonderful silky sensation to the hair. This product is also paraben-free.

Sodium Chloride Free Shampoo

Boko SV Cosmetic’s Sodium chloride-free shampoo by FORTUNE House is enriched with chamomile and aloe vera extracts that soothe and pamper the scalp. The shampoo helps restore damaged or very dry hair, joins hair fibers and mends split ends. It has a unique formula that is made up of the following oils: Argan, olive, jojoba, and Marula, which are rich in vitamins and minerals. These ingredients provide a wonderful user experience. The shade of purple in the product helps neutralize orange-bleached hair and gives the hair a nice grayish hue.

The secret to this product is in its Marula oil which is produced from the fruits of the Marula tree that grows in Africa. It adds moisture to the scalp but it does not block the pores. It is full of vital fatty acids that imitate those naturally found in the external layer of the skin. It also has vitamin C, vitamin E, and other antioxidants. The best part of the Sodium Chloride-free shampoo is that it is absorbed clearly into the skin and hair without any stickiness or oiliness!


Did you know that research has shown that 20% to 40% of beauty products end up as waste? It also shows that 70% of beauty waste products come from packaging.

Yarde’ is one company that aims to minimize if not completely eradicate waste products from beauty products. It captures all aspects of sustainability, including packaging. At Yarde’, they give a lot of attention to a product’s lifespan. They aim for sustainable beauty. Greenwashing is widely practiced in the industry. It is the practice of disseminating information that a company’s products are environmentally friendly when they are not. This practice is greatly opposed by Yarde’.

Orlene Rom of Yarde’ believes in reducing waste by practicing transparency, reduction of use, and reuse/refill of existing bottles. Its mission is to bring circular economy practices into the field of skincare and beauty. They reduce their carbon footprint by practicing self-care.

Yarde’ uses Mediterranean sustainably sourced ingredients ---100% plant-based formulas that are locally crafted in the heart of the Mediterranean. The company believes in the power of nature as medicine, and that clean beauty is the only way going forward.

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IsraeliMall.com was a company founded in 2021, to provide an easy way for North Americans to acquire products from Israeli business owners at a challenging time when the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement attempted to reduce sales.


Enovid, a spray developed in Canada by SaNOtize and manufactured in Israel has been found to reduce viral loads in confirmed COVID-19 cases by 95% in 24 hours and 99% in 72 hours.


What should be done to stay safe during pandemic? During these uncertain times, it’s essential for each and every one of us to both do our best and stay protected, and in stopping the spread of the virus. The good news is that with a few simple practices, we can greatly reduce the risk of infection and greatly increase our chance of staying protected.