by Jean Carmelle Reyes


Meet Slav Saul, an artist whose life was forever changed by the enchanting world of crochet. From a successful career in commerce to becoming the creative force behind the renowned crochet brand Slav&So, her journey is nothing short of inspiring. The Crochet art infiltrated her life at a challenging period and captivated her. She was “hooked” at her craft since then.

Slav&So is one of the most prominent Israeli crochet brands in Israel. Slav Saul develops, produces and sells a large variety of crochet products made by order. She is well known thanks to her line of crochet bags.

The look of Slav&So bags are unique. Unlike traditional crochet that predominantly employs yarn, Slav Saul's bags come to life through the marriage of fabric and craftsmanship.

Slav Saul produces materials right from scratch - She buys fabric rolls of different types, slices them into ribbons and crochets a variety of models with it.

She works with different types of fabrics - cotton, lycra, lurex, viscose, etc. - each fabric has a different effect on the texture and therefore each fabric creates a different and unique look for the bag. Slav&So bags are 100% made by hand in Slav’s studio.Every Slav&So bag is an embodiment of dedication and artistry. Crafted entirely by hand in Slav's personal studio, these bags are a labor of love. Each stitch, each weave, is executed with meticulous attention to detail. The outcome is not merely a product; it is a work of art infused with the passion and care of its creator.

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