IsraeliMall.com was founded in 2021. Our goal is to provide an easy way for North Americans to acquire products from Israeli business owners at a time when the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement seeks to reduce such sales.  Many of the products are fulfilled from North American warehouses to make delivery similar to any other “local” online merchants.  You pay in local currency and see no exchange costs on your credit cards.  If there are some products you could not find but would like us to offer, let us know and we will look for additional vendors.

Your Israeli Mall Team

Eli Kaplan

Israel Marketing Manager and co-founder of IsraeliMall.
Eli bring his experience with ecommerce platforms and worldwide selling to the business.
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Michael Fromstein

Michael Fromstein CFO is a CFO and partner of SmartSimple inc. a small multi-national Software firm as a Service (Cloud) software.
Michael co-founded IsraeliMall.com to make it more efficient for smaller Israeli producers to enter the North American market.
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Daniel Roopnarine

Director of Technologies
Daniel has spent the last 25 years helping to build online platforms from ecommerce to shipping solutions. He has a vast range of experience in the space of online selling.
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info  (at)  israelimall.com

416 786 7644 (Voice call only)

4646 Dufferin St. Suite 8, North York, Ontario, Canada M3H 5S4