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red bloom miniature olive tree with natural stone, authentic from the Jordan valley
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I've designed this piece as inspiration from the red skies I see whenever the sun descends before the end of the day. some say it reminds them of the burning bush on Mount Sinai.
this red bloom miniature olive tree is based on natural stone and is authentic from the Jordan valley, with metal branches and red beans.

BMT - art

Born in USSR in 1974 to Jewish parents. When I was five years old I did Aliya to Israel with my family. It was a time of many difficulties and hardship but my love for nature and craft fill me with joy. As a teenager, I was a youth Art Guide as part of a children's education program. when I joined the army I asked to be a driver, by doing so I was able to travel and see the beautiful landscape of Israel. The stunning views of Eastern Samaria grabbed my heart and I decided to live here for the rest of my life embedding my love for children and art into my daily experience. today I help children with learning difficulties to find their way in the world through art and craft. My art is A direct manifestation of the view I see and feel.

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