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  • Let's replace the polluting and boring plastic with an ecological magic substitute that has enormous benefits from nature
  • And now you can easily replace:
  • The frustration of throwing away a lot of junk - with a sense of pride in reducing consumption and disciplinary savings in money.
  • The fear that the vegetables will spoil after two days in the refrigerator - and you will begin to feel comfortable that the food is kept fresh for a long time.
  • A little guilt every time you use a plastic tool - and you can use a completely organic solution.
  • The boredom from the gray nylon - in beautiful fabrics that make you happy several times a day.
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The Otefet is a ecological alternative to single use plastics, hand crafted by a family business in partnership with a women's textile cooperative.
The Otefet is multi-use and ecological, it is a square of fabric which comes in four different sizes which each answer a variety of different needs in your kitchen.
(We recommend trying to understand which size will best suit your needs.)
The Otefet is made in Israel from organic cotton which conforms to the strict OEKO-TEX 100 European standard for environmentally friendly production and nontoxic dyes as well as beeswax and cocoa butter.
The Otefet forms to the shape you need through the heat of your hands and adheres to itself or any object.
Thanks to the Otefet's natural properties, it is antibacterial and can keep food fresh in the refrigerator for long periods of time!

Size Medium (25*25 cm)

Buying just one Medium can replace around one hundred single use plastic sandwich bags for wrapping fruits, sandwiches, half of a pita, vegetable, covering bowls and more!

If you buy two Mediums you'll be cutting out around 200 single use sandwich bags!

Size Large (35*35 cm)

The Large will help you create new daily habits that preserve your food and add flair to every meal! You can cut back on single use plastics for wrapping sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, covering bowls and more!


The Otefet is an amazing square of beeswax covered fabric. It seals food and containers and enables you to stop using plastic sandwich baggies and cling wrap. The Otefet comes in different sizes and incredible patterns. When you buy the Otefet, you’re gaining a stylish addition to your collection.

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