Mezuzah Case Navy Blue 'w Flowers


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  • Mezuzah Case Navy Blue 'w Flowers 10 cm. scroll.
  • Handcrafted from Polymer Clay Made in Israel
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Categories: Judaica

Handmade in Israel
Mezuzah Case

Fantastic for an elegant birthday present or housewarming gift!

Polymer Clay Judaica Mezuzah Case. A navy blue garden filled with flowers and leaves.
For 10 cm. scroll.

Please note: This is a Mezuzah case only and does not include a Mezuzah scroll, Klaf, which can be purchased at your local synagogue, Chabad, or online.
Since I make each one by hand they can be ordered for a larger scroll.

Mounting Instructions:  You can mount the Mezuzah case with screws (I can drill holes), or I can add a strong 3M double sided adhesive tape, please let me know what you prefer.

Dimensions of Mezuzah:
Height: 16 cm.
Width:  3 cm.
Depth:  2 cm.

Judaica-n-More is a company that prides itself on quality hand made items for the Jewish home - and gifts. We combine Polymer Clay with wood and glass, and create each and every piece by hand and with love! If you wish something custom made, please contact me by Whatsapp or E-mail.

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