The C-Citrus Glow-Getter Facial Oil-Serum


Sold By: Loni's - Natural cosmetics brand

  • Citrus Serum– Special Edition.
  • Contains: facial serum for day and night.
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Categories: Cosmetic

My Natural Ingredients:
Loni’s all times Iconic product.
This addictive natural oil-serum is almost solely powered by one of the most ancient and precious Citrus fruit type exists on earth, known in Hebrew as the holly ‘Etrog’. This unique Citrus oil is so concentrated with vitamin C, it will help to transform even the most dull complexion into a luminous one after only one shot, and to brighten dark spots and even skin tone over time. A multitasking formula that provides a powerful anti-oxidant protection, elevates skin moisture levels while refining its texture. The result is a healthy, more luminous and vibrant skin.

How to use: apply daily and nightly 2-3 drops on clean and dry face, neck and décolleté. Massage in circular motions until fully absorbs. Avoid contact with eyes. Can be used as standalone, or you can follow with your favorite moisturizer for optimal results.

Loni's - Natural cosmetics brand

.Loni's Natural Cosmetics Brand CEO & OWNER Loni's Brand offers natural cosmetics for women, from creams for the face, hands, body to lipsticks, serums and natural deodorant. All products are high quality and based on only natural and completely vegan ingredients. Every woman can purchase on Loni’s website for herself, as a gift for her friend or employes. Loni’s core velues are: Respectful to people and skin Believe in the freedom to choose Aesthetic led Driven by quality support self empowerment I reach out to all women who acknowledge and value the beneficial powers of nature on their body’ spirit and skin.

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