Play On the Sound Tracks - 10 Classic Israeli Songs

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Booklet of ten songs: Favorite Israeli Hebrew songs. A fun and easy way to play! Comes with cards for the guitar and colorful keyboard strips for the piano.
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Why be dependent on the pages you download on the internet to learn to play music? Now you can acquire musical independence - just listen to a song and play it easily.
People think that you have to be born with a gift for music to do that. But that's simply not true. Now you too can join this elite club.
Play the ten songs in the Melody Trails song booklet and realize the listening skills within you. Be surprised to discover how quickly you will be able to play songs spontaneously on the piano and guitar just as you sing them in the shower.
No matter what musical experience you already have, encounter the music that has always been inside you. Get hooked on the empowering experience of playing music independently, on any scale you choose without needing to learn notes.
Come along on the trail!

Melody Trails

Melody Trails is based on the belief that there is a wellspring of music in each of us. All we need to do is to find our way to it. When you search online for the best way to learn to play music, you find yourself lost in a forest of books, courses, videos and apps. With the Melody Trails you will discover your natural way to play music, without having to learn notes, no matter how old you are or what musical experience you already have in your backpack. Through this inner connection to the world of sounds, you will: - Improve your listening skills. - Develop your technical ability. - Understand the language of music. Add these creative musical tools to your backpack and enjoy the journey.

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