Faucet for washing hands- made in israel

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a tool for washing hands that fills itself and allows you to wash hands quickly and without waiting. Saves time and money.
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The uniqueness of the patent is that it fills by itself and stops automatically when the cup fills. Saves time and fills in 5 seconds.
May be used on Shabbat. With the approval of the Scientific and Technological Institute for Halacha, founded by Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Halperin ztzel. (The ultra-Orthodox Institute in Jerusalem)
Suitable for institutions, restaurants, event halls, hospitals, hotels, private homes.
Can be ordered in a variety of colors: silver, gold, black, blue, red.
Option to order plating: 14K gold, bronze. Copper.
Installation instructions: simple installation and similar to a normal kitchen faucet. Comes with connections for installation.



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