Organic shea butter - 250 ml

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Shea butter is one of the most useful ingredients in the home, and it really has a wide variety of cosmetic and therapeutic uses. It is pleasant to touch and apply, nourishes and nourishes the skin, serves as an excellent carrier for essential oils and oils in general and has no smell.
Shea butter softens dry, hard and cracked skin (excellent for the feet), nourishes the skin, acts as a natural sun protection factor and filter, excellent for massages,
helps with itching, ringworm, skin allergies and rashes, significantly relieves cracked and injured nipples from breastfeeding!! Used as a base oil for applying essential oils to the skin.

components | 100% organic shea butter.

Content | 250 ml

Shea butter is produced from the nut of the shea tree which originates in Africa, the nut is very rich in fat and is produced by crushing and pressing.
Shea butter is an ultimate raw material used in cosmetic products and is a perfect base for ointments, natural deodorant, creams, natural soaps and more... You will find shea butter in almost every product of ours, you simply cannot give it up!
The shea butter has notable benefits on problematic, irritated skin, skin damage of all kinds and here we really highly recommend using cold pressed shea which has an amazing effect on problematic skin and even on pigmentation.
Shea is called butter because it is really thick and solid like butter, you can melt it in the palm of your hand until it is liquid or heat it slightly and it will melt and make a fragrant massage oil from it in combination with essential oils or combine it with any other raw material.
Shea is safe for use on children and babies, the baby can put it in the mouth, so it is also recommended for use on dry or cracked nipples, on the baby's tusks and anywhere that suffers from dryness or cracks such as: lips, feet and heels in particular, working palms, scalp and practically any part in the body as needed.

Shea butter has many qualities, the best quality is organic shea butter that is produced in the traditional way by cold pressing, its color is grayish or yellowish and its smell is very dominant and even spicy because it was not heated, which left all the natural vitamins and minerals of the shea tree nut in their original form and original quality their.
You can also find whiter and odorless butters that have undergone refining, they are still very effective in everything related to treating extreme dryness, softening the skin, protection from the sun and nourishing the skin with deep lipids. Most people prefer these butters because they have no smell and are very soft and pleasant to apply on the skin.

Shea butter was and will remain one of the raw materials, if not the most useful raw material in natural cosmetics, its cost is not high and the benefits are many and in my opinion it is a product that simply needs to be at home

Instructions for use : apply to the body, face and hair (moisturizes the scalp and keeps the hair flexible) recommended for the sensitive and delicate skin of children and babies.

Kosher  In the court of Agudat Israel

license |  Ministry of Health approval

Vegan / Organic |  Vegan and organic

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