RSV Hypertonic Saline 3%

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Acute bronchiolitis, a viral disease usually common in infants and occurs mainly in winter.Treatment of the disease is primarily supportive and based on maintaining hydration and oxygen supplementation when needed.

In recent years quite a number of studies around the world, proved the effectiveness of treatment with Hypertonic saline inhalation in infants hospitalized suffering from acute bronciolitis.

Hypertonic saline inhalation therapy resulted in clinical improvement and shortening the duration of hospitalization.

Hypertonic saline works by raising fluid lining in the airway walls, reducing the edema layer of the sub-mucosa, improving Rheological properties of sputum and acceleration of the mucus clearance ( MC).

Recommended use:

For respiratory use with inhalators in cases of bronchiolitis- RSV infections:The inhalation of RSV hypertonic saline 3% should be given in a volume of 4 ml, three to six times a day. In light cases, Dose can be reduced to 0-3 ml volume of liquid inhaled.Bronchodilators can be added. Such treatment can be administered at home, clinic or emergency rooms.

For use in inhalers:

As a single preparation - 4 ml in the device cup, 3-6 times a day. In mild cases, the dose can be reduced to 2-3 ml. BRONCHODILATORS can be added according to the instructions of the attending physician.

For use as nasal drops:

Drip as needed or as directed by your doctor.


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•RSV Hypertonic Saline 3% For use as diluents in inhalators (BRONCHIOLITIS)

•RSV Hypertonic Saline 3%

•For use as diluents in inhalators and nasal hygiene.

•Complies with the 12/2011 professional guideline of Israeli organizations of babies and children's health

•25 Sterile Single Use Containers of 5mL

Preservative Free